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Bodegas Murviedro was founded in 1927 as the Spanish subsidiary of the Swiss Schenk Group. The Schenk Group was founded in Switzerland in 1893. The vision of its founder, Arnold Schenk, was to create a wine conglomerate on a European scale. The Company remains owned by the same family and maintains the values of a familyrun Company, while being professionally managed. One hundred years later, Schenk has holdings in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Benelux and the UK. This pan-European structure has made Schenk a unique company in the wine sector. Bodegas Murviedro currently dwell at the town of Requena; a land with over a thousand years or wine making history and where you can find world unique autochthonous grape varieties. Its continental climate with Mediterranean influence provides its wines with a characteristic personality, that tinges them with remarkable nobility and softness. Murviedro comes from Latin “Muri Veteres”, the old town walls that embrace the old Villa of Requena and that witnessed numerous battles during the Reconquista period.


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